5 Things The Legend Jimi Hendrix Liked

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Jimi Hendrix, a legend that continues to live to this day. He’s an absolutely influential person in the history of rock music who’s unbeatable by any other guitarist. Musicians and fans alike would agree to this because there’s so much to admire about him. You must know very well what he was like, but what did he like?

Here are 5 things that Jimi liked which make him rock and roll more than ever!

1. Glorious Music

How else could he have created such wonderful tunes and melody to the ears, but because of his unconditional love for music? Jimi had an unquestionable songwriting talent, virtuosity when playing guitars, and a poignant soul and spirit when on stage. He may have been a wizard too, not in relation to any Voodoo, but with the harpsichord intro and unforgettable wah-wah guitar effects first featured in the Burning of the Midnight Lamp. The same pattern that’s been a staple in his performances. He called his own music “electric church” with the belief that music was his religion. All his experimentation and improvised ways rendered fluid music down to the last note. Thus, he has created the treasured songs we now appreciate as the timeless Hendrix original pieces.

2. What’s in a Name?

Born November 27, 1942, he was named Johnny Allen Hendrix by his mother. In 1945, his father, James Allen or Al for short, filed a divorce and took their son home. He then changed his name to James Marshall. He acquired various stage names during performances and was made known as Maurice James or Jimmy James. He became Jimi Hendrix in 1966. His family and close friends called him Buster. John, James, Jimi- Hendrix didn’t seem to mind at all, and he simply liked to be called whatever fans were comfortable with.

3. Favorites

In terms of color, we really don’t know his preference, but it is speculated that he neither likes orange nor green. Why? He chose two years of military service over confinement for two years in prison wearing an orange jumpsuit, from being caught stealing cars. In just a year though, he was also freed from the green service uniform through a medical discharge. Could it be purple with the almost psychedelic trickery of Purple Haze?

On food, Jimi Hendrix answered strawberry shortcake, spaghetti, and soul food as his favorites, the latter being a cuisine that became popular in the 1960s in African-American culture. His favorite idol? Eric Clapton, who was with Cream way back in 1966. Prior to his arrival in London on September 24, he told his producer Chas Chandler he wanted to be introduced to him. Later on they were jamming the stage where afterwards Clapton blurts out, “You never told me he was that good!” after hearing Hendrix perform for the first time.

4. Son of a Gun!

9mm sprinfield

Did you know that Jimi really liked 9mm pistols? He was pretty much like any other gun enthusiast who favors the 9mm over other pistols, drawn to the gun’s deeply satisfying feel as if it perfectly belongs to the hand. Many people find it comfortable and are confident with it, as much as Hendrix was. He apparently had a prodigious collection of 9mm pistols exhibiting various frames, build and designs, and definitely high-caliber in terms of quality, which may have included the best handguns in the world. Jimi actually enlisted himself in the US Army back in the 60’s inferring his knowledge of pistols, but was granted an honorable discharge after an ankle injury from a parachute jump. Anyway, part of the discharge report stated he plays a musical instrument during off duty hours and always thinks about his guitar.

5. Black Beauty

This is very obvious, but must take its place in this list- Jimi’s love for guitars! His first acoustic guitar was worth about $5, given by his father when he was 15, which encouraged him towards his life’s milestones. It was a year later that he purchased his very first electric guitar, the Supro Ozark 1560S. The guitars he played included the Gibson SG, Les Paul, Flying V, Fender Jazzmaster and Duo-Sonic.

The passion he has for this instrument is explicitly shown in his guitar techniques, such as playing with his teeth, without touching the strings, behind his back, and playing upside down to accommodate his left-handedness. In a photo taken during his final hours, he cradles his favorite Fender Stratocaster guitar which he named the “black beauty,” which truly deserved it for the beautiful everlasting music they have produced together!

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