How to turn #HAPPO connections into something more meaningful

Today was great. A little crazy, but great. Lots of creative posts. Interesting positions. Professionals who care. But now what? If you want to make the most of your #HAPPO experience, you’ll need to do more than tweet out a post.  You’ll need to do more than participate in a one day event. At the heart of the #HAPPO initiative, is relationships. Remember? The purpose is to use social media to develop and leverage relationships to help those seeking a career in PR. And relationships require time and nurturing.  So you met some people today. A phenomenal student. A successful practitioner. So what does that mean? Nothing… or everything.

Take some time to go through your Twitter stream. Your replies, DM’s and the Tweets that used the #HAPPO hashtag. Identify people you met, or would like to get to know better.  Get strategic and get to work.

1. Listen Follow them on Twitter and set up a special twitter list or a Hootsuite/Tweetdeck column to assure their tweets don’t get lost in the stream. Connect with them via LinkedIn (do write a personal note, requesting to connect).  Subscribe to their blog.

2. Be confident, not shy One challenge of social media is that no one can see you standing in the corner. If you want people to talk with, you’re going to need to make an effort.  So reply to their tweets. Offer thoughtful comments on their blogs and LinkedIn status.  Ask questions. Share. Say thank you. Not much different than what your mom told you before sending you off to kindergarten, is it?

3. Be respectful, not pushy Keep in mind that everyone has their own agenda, goals, priorities, pressures and stress. And time is a limited resource. Even your greatest supporter, may not always have the time to share advice or help.  Be thankful for what people are able to offer… and understanding of what they are not

4. Be a resource What can you offer those in your network? Is there a project you can help with? Don’t say you are dependable,  hardworking, etc… be creative and look for ways you can support your network

OK, your turn. What do you plan to do before the weekend is up? How do you intend to make the most of your #HAPPO experience?

Free State Social offers HAPPO community job search tips

by Justin Goldsborough

I was lucky enough to attend the Free State Social (#FSSocial) in Lawrence, Kan., yesterday — an awesome gathering of rock star people and PR pros who discussed the impact of social on our industries, our customers and our employees. Fortunately, some of those awesome people took a moment to share their “one job search tip for graduating seniors” with the HAPPO (Help A PR Pro Out Day) community. Check it out!

Head over to #HAPPO Champion Justin Goldsborough’s website to view the video

Happy #HAPPO from #U30PRO

#u30pro is a weekly twitter chat (Thursdays at 7pm est) started by #HAPPO champion Lauren Fernandez and David Spinks that covers topics and issues facing young professionals.  Each Friday, participants can receive a digest with great insights from the chat and some recommendations for must read posts. We were thrilled to open up today’s digest, which began,

Happy #HAPPO day! Lots of great people featured today through numerous blogs – and many from this community. So reach out, say hi. The topic of connecting, networking and #HAPPO always brings me to one word as a foundation: Respect….

You can sign up to receive the #U30PRPO digest here.

#HAPPO Friday: Lessons in Reaching out from PR

By Amy Martin

This week, Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan posted about “The (Potential) Intern from Hell.” It was one of the most popular posts among Gen Y tweeters as I saw it spread around my Twitter feed like wildfire. Even as I’m writing this post, I asked my Twitter followers for the link to the Gawker post and they responded in less than 30 seconds.

So, what makes this post such a favorite among the Gen Y community? Many cannot believe how unbelievably brazen and audacious this job seeker was in his e-mails. After reading the potential intern’s correspondence again, I am also taken aback. With such a difficult climate to obtain a job, how could this individual be so bold and inappropriate?

Let me present to you the flip-side of those Gen Y job hunters who do take the correct approach: Help A PR Pro Out(#HAPPO). Read more at Gen Y Employers

Class of 2010: Congratulations! (a recommendation from #HAPPO Champion Lauren Fernandez)

Class of 2010: Congratulations! 3 years ago I sat where you were: on the brink of awesome. You all are. It just depends on what you do with it

I never throw out recommendations just because. For me, it reflects not only that person and your organization, but my hard work. Two of those recommendations have turned into a contributor for my blog and my partner with #u30pro. Jenn Bollenbacher is one of the most refreshing students I have come across. She’s honest, curious and always trying to be even better. Her quick wit, hard work and honesty are vital to brands trying to build both on traditional public relations and the growing strategic approach to social media. She grasps concepts with ease, is eager to learn and never stops communicating. To say I’m impressed is putting it lightly – we all need support for brands we are building with this type of person. Jenn wrote a letter below to everyone, but I strongly suggest connecting with her on Twitter too – @jenniferalaine(P.S. She so has me pegged in that opening line.)

Check out Jennifer’s letter on the blog of #HAPPO champion Lauren Fernandez

Unexpected #HAPPO help

I opened up my blog for a guest post in the hopes of featuring a college senior about to graduate for the 2nd edition of Help a PR Pro Out (HAPPO). I have been communicating with and invited Kathelin (Kat) Buxton, UTA PRSSA President, to share some insights here on why employers should hire her. However, she sort of turned down the offer and turned things around. What resulted was a wonderful example of PR advocacy:

Read more at #HAPPO Champion Richie Escovedo’s blog

Happy #HAPPO Day! Share a favorite #HAPPO post

Maybe it is by someone you know from school or an internship. Perhaps it’s someone you met on a Twitter chat, or through PRSSA or PROpenMic. Take a moment today to introduce them to us.  Leave a comment here and let us know why YOU would recommend this person. We’ll be sure to let those hiring know to check out your feedback.  And be sure to check out our advice on How to HAPPO if you have not already done so.

Thanks for taking the time to participate… Here’s to a very special day!

Best advice for a college grad?

By Abbie Fink

To prep for tomorrow’s #HAPPO event aimed at college grads, I asked my twitter following what’s the best advice you’d give a grad looking for a job in PR….  Check out the responses from Phoenix #HAPPO champ Abbie Fink at the HMA Blog

#HAPPO advice for 2010 Grads/job seekers

by Matt LaCasse

I was unemployed from around Valentine’s Day until April 5th. I was fortunate enough to participate in #HAPPO in February. While I didn’t get a job offer as a direct result of #HAPPO, what I DID learn is how to connect with a larger community than the one I was involved with, and where to look for job opportunities I may not have looked previously. Here’s a few words of advice, which are worth what you make of them…. Read the full post here

Don’t Worry, Be #HAPPO!

By Mike Schaffer

It’s been a dark few weeks.  A volcanic eruption halted global commerce.  LOST showed a repeat this week.  Crazy Siobhan was sent packing on American Idol.  Kate Gosselin somehow was on “Dancing With The Stars.”

Dark times, indeed.

Out of the darkness shines a beacon of hope.  No, it’s not the new Iron Man movie – it’s the return of Help A PR Pro Out on Friday, April 30!

Yes, PR pros are back again to play “point guard,” exposing rising industry talents and highlighting job opportunities.  The main event is on Friday, but here’s a sample of things to come… More from Washington, DC #HAPPO Champion Mike Schaffer here