Gaming Careers: They Pay Really Well

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It is in man’s nature to compete against his own fellows, which does not necessarily come with a bad intention, but for the glory they gain out of it! Hence, today’s civilized events we call sports, where technology has ultimately blended in through professional video gaming.


Ever thought of playing video games for a living? Now there’s nothing to be shy about, because in our modern times, anyone of any age ventures into this fun, highly entertaining activity. Nowadays, it’s no longer merely a pastime nor will you be thought of as living under the basement, or arcade happy-go-lucky person. Believe it or not, gamers who do exactly what they love and what they’re good at are making themselves some serious money for it. By serious we mean teens who are bringing home millions of cash and prizes, signing lucrative offers and sponsorships, and even dating supermodels!

Indeed, their love for games and for being really good at it has landed them on a career that pays really well. Gaming is for everyone as a whole lot of people undoubtedly enjoy playing games, and eSports has opened up a valid career choice for a skilled number of gamers. They belong to professional gaming teams that attend world wide tournaments which similar gamers, fans, enthusiasts, and aspiring pro-gamers love to watch. Spectators find it quite entertaining and is truly awe-inspiring for anyone privileged to experience it.


The most successful recorded tournament was The International 2014, which was organized by Valve where the World’s finest Dota 2 teams, 16 of them, battled head-on for the big prize. Know this, the prize pool was exactly at an astounding $10, 931, 000 with 46% of the spoils were likewise amassed by winning team named ‘Newbee’ who cashes a check roughly about $5M. Since 2011, competitions have been held around the globe, including the MLG Pro Circuit with a cumulative payout of $6,800,000 and Riot’s League of Legends at $6,465,000 in the World Championship. Some countries have a designated body to manage eSports events, such as South Korea’s KeSPA and UK’s UKeSA.

How much can can a single gamer possibly earn?

HaoChinese star Dota 2 pro Zhihao Chen or simply Hao, raked $1.2M in prize money alone, which is not bad for a 24-year-old. US-born Tom Taylor rose to fame through eSports Halo games, which the revenue stream did not stop within video game’s boundaries, but continued on with other offers.

His face was on millions of Dr Pepper bottles during the year 2009 and had a contract with MLG worth $250,000, and about $150,000 more earnings from varied endorsement deals and promotions.

eSports sponsors include Coca-Cola, Samsung, Nissan, Red Bull, Razer, Intel, Nvidia, HTC, American Express, and more huge brands from different industries. If you’re wondering where to watch, there are stadiums, arenas, tv channels, or sites that stream it live such as Twitch and YouTube to your convenience.

But why limit yourself to watching them live their dreams?

One thing’s for sure, you can’t limit yourself to playing Crossy Road or Banana Kong because of poor connectivity. Heck, you may not even be able to run these simple arcade games smoothly if you don’t have a reliable router. You’ve got to think big, and start by getting yourself one of the best professional gaming routers. You don’t need anything more frustrating than battling a very powerful boss or overcoming an extremely difficult level, with a router that fails to exhibit consistent performance that results to interrupted game sessions.

Professional gaming routers secure you with a fast and stable, no interference internet connection, regardless if you have a tablet, PC, smartphone, smart TV, a gaming console, laptop, and numerous other devices you and family members have at home. This equipment ensures speed and stability for seamless streaming, and super smooth, hassle-free, optimized gaming experience like no other! Seasoned pros know that a fruitful game lies heavily on a good router, and they probably had to go through a trial and error process. Those new to online gaming are lucky with the innovation exhibited by the best gaming routers today for they can skip the problems that come with a faulty old model.

Now, with the best equipment, go forth and never stop challenging yourself with next level games, conquering new quests, and concentrating on the best titles that stand out from the rest. eSports games include League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Starcraft 2, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, FIFA, and Halo, among many other big hit video games. You may just be the next big thing and the next gamer who lives his or her life to the fullest!

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