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With our 4/30 #HAPPO just a week away, we wanted to remind everyone of how they can participate. This time, we’ll be focusing on helping the Class of 2010.  As Arik wrote in his post last week “This is your chance to make a difference. Pay it forward. ‘

EMPLOYERS: Got a job for an entry-level pro? Please post the job in our jobs section on LinkedIn. We have recently started a LinkedIn Group (which we invite all to join!) We want to make the most of this platform and the easy opportunities it offers to network and identify connections. Please also tweet the opportunity Friday, April 30th, between 12 Noon and 2pm ET using the #HAPPO hashtag

JOB SEEKERS: Use Social Media (a blog post, video, slideshow etc) to provide a creative response to the “Why would I hire you?” question. Please tweet it to your local champion and @helpaprproout using the #happo hash tag on April 30. Be sure to let your network of supporters know to share you response as well. After all, #HAPPO is not just about tweeting with a hashtag… it’s about using social media to leverage relationships. And don’t forget, just because you are looking for a job, doesn’t mean that you can’t help someone else. See a position that’s not right for you? Consider whether you know anyone who may be a match.

PR PROFESSIONALS/ BLOGGERS: Use your blog to help us share news of this event. Feature a senior you have gotten to know, or an organization that you know would be a terrific place to work. Offer some space on your blog for a guest post. Help us spread the word so we can help as many college senior and recent grads as possible. Refer great jobs you know of or students that you know. And, help promote students and recent grads on HAPPO Day next Friday.

EVERYONE: Follow the #HAPPO hashtag on Twitter Friday, April 30th between 12 noon and 2pm eastern. Set up a column in Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. Use TweetChat or TweetGrid to easily participate and not miss a tweet! Join us on Facebook and LinkedIn… both platforms offer different advantages to help us facilitate new connections. Help us to identify and promote the outstanding members of the Class of 2010, as well as the employers seeking to fill positions. If you do have personal experience with an individual or organization, share! Help us to make some great matches.

Here are a few additional  tips regarding “How to HAPPO” we offered before our first event

Thank you to our incredible team of champions, for again volunteering their time and using their social media skills and relationships to help make such a difference. And thank YOU for being a part of the #HAPPO community. It is truly inspiring to know you.

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