Stand up Paddle boarding – The Newest And Easiest Surfing Sport For Beginners

Standup paddle boarding may not yet be the most favorite water sport, but it is gaining popularity very fast. The origin of standup paddle boarding is the same as that of other board sports, and that is Hawaii. SUP, also known as “Hoe he’e nalu”, has very old roots. However, it has become popular now with many photographers and surf instructors.

SUP basically employs a type of surfboard along with a lengthy paddle. In this regard, it is a whole mix of canoeing and surfing. The credit for making it popular goes to Laird Hamilton, who made use of the paddle grabbing towing waves originating in Hawaii. But now, SUP isn’t just for surfing. SUP may be enjoyed in many other forms like flat water lakes to facilitate beach paddling, to open water paddling and right up to surfing waves.

paddle-boardingGetting Started with SUP

Though you can visit a store and procure the very first or the most economical board, it may not be the best option for getting initiated into this sport. Many families who have become active in the sport of riding Standup Paddle Boards have more than one SUP in their garage or on the surf rack of their car as they head for the nearest body of water.

The design, and hence the value of SUP paddles and SUP boards, varies a lot. It’s not difficult to guess that better quality boards will be more expensive. At the same time, better boards are more appropriate for use by intermediate and experienced paddlers.

Inflatable paddle boards are the most recommended options for new beginners. Having decided to get skilled at Inflatable paddle, you should call upon one of the SUP stores in your area and get one board on rent for the initial few lessons. It could be a good idea to rent boards made by different manufacturers to find which one suits you the most. It is not unusual for many stores to adjust the expense of rental in the final price of the new board that you would buy. So, do check on this.

paddle boarding

There is absolutely no harm in getting started with used equipment. You can locate many sellers of used equipment through the classified ads of local papers. Some shops also offer boards that were used for demos or used boards at considerably lower prices.

Surfboards require waves for the enjoyment of standup surfing. With SUPs, you do not need waves to have a good outing. All you need is a smooth body of water and a paddle especially designed and fitted to your height making it possible for you to stand up paddle these big boards.

They are big boards. But they are light enough for most people to carry and they have carrying handles or straps to make it easy.

They come in different types and designs. There is beginner hard and soft SUPs, intermediate and professional SUPs. After you have taken your lesson, talk to the SUP instructor or shop owner, you will be able to make a good decision based on your physical condition, size, and level of experience. Your desire and motivation will probably determine how much you decide to invest in your new SUP.

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