Starting A Tanning Salon Business

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If you are starting a tanning salon, be ready to work long hours and be prepared for some disappointment. Set-backs are part of setting-up any new business and the tanning business is not going to be different. You can prevent making too much mistakes by planning the start of your tanning spa carefully. Making the right decisions in the beginning will prevent big mistakes and loss of money later on. Hopefully these steps can help you start on the right foot.


Pay a visit to other tanning businesses and observe how they are run, take note of the prices for each procedure and what brands of tanning beds and supplies they use. You will probably have to sign a waiver before a procedure, memorize how the waiver is written because you will have to provide something similar to your own customers.

Search for a location for your tanning business. If you find what looks like a good location, you should still find out if there are other tanning spas in the area. Starting a tanning salon without too much competition will be easier for you. Look for new communities being developed that will provide less or no competition for you. Get a broker to help you if needed. A tanning salon uses up a lot of electricity. Find a location where electric rates are not so high. Don’t take your landlord’s word for it but go directly to the utility company and ask for the rates. Ask for the average monthly bill in the area for the last few months. Try to locate the previous tenant in the space you are interested in and ask him about his utility bills. Find out if they used up more electricity than normal. Have an electrician check on the electric connection of the commercial space too.

Get a lawyer from the beginning of your planning phase. A lawyer can help you review contracts, zoning laws, permits and building rules. You also need a lawyer to make a draft of your employee contracts and prepare a waiver for your salon. Tanning spas and salons often get involved in lawsuits. Your lawyer can also represent you in court in the event you get sued.

If you need more money to open a tanning business, you can approach your banker to loan some money. Bring your business plan when you apply for a loan. Your banker will want to see a business plan that shows you can make profit so they can get their money back. Other things to prepare to make a loan are your personal and business financial statements.

Looking for suppliers and tanning equipment is going to be part of starting a tanning salon of course, but try to find equipment that won’t eat up most of your capital. Buying expensive brand new tanning beds won’t necessarily help you make more profit or make your business more successful. It is proper marketing that will help you become more lucrative and popular among clients. Look for used tanning beds that still look and work like new.

You should including quality tanning lotions for the customers, different tanning lotions for every different type of skin. There are different brands and ranges of indoor tanning lotion. And that doesn’t even begin to cover issues like moisturizers, bronzers and vitamins that you might not know anything about. You should work with a salon professional to determine your specific skin type so you can choose tanning lotions that are right for you.

It is vital that you can maintain a very high level of service. This means your equipment works as it should; safety precautions are in place, customers can get in and out at their scheduled times, and they are respected and cared for each time they come in. If any of those factors is missing, you will begin to lose your customers to the competition.

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